Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Using the New Hook Knife

I made two spoons for friends of mine out of a very nice piece of maple that had been freshly cut near a baseball field. This was the first true test of the hook knife I made.

Maple with my Gransfors carving axe and an old-timer that I use for splitting and bark removal

I am trying to become more proficient with the axe and remove some of the bowl wood, I find the lower end of the cutting edge works well for this.

Well I guess this was the first spoon that I made from the billet as I used the hook knife to hollow the entire bowl. Also on my lap is a leather sheath, which I wet-molded around a wood core for my Mora that I put a stacked leather handle on. 
Works quite well I think, definitely satisfying knowing that I'm making something with a tool I made.
Here are the two finished maple spoons with some chip carving in. The smaller one to the right is a sycamore eating spoon


  1. I am very impressed. Your spoons are awesome. Also the hook knife. I really liked all the photo's on your blog post.